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Precise Electro-Mechanical Works Co., Ltd. (PMW)

PMW designs, manufactures, distributes, tests, verifies and maintains Switchboard, Switchgear and Load Break Switch. Products developed by PMW have been tested and verified by leading testing institutions. In addition, PMW is a manufacturer and distributor of metal parts which accommodates the Smart Grid and customized to the needs of the customers.

Coelme International Co., Ltd. (CI)

CI designs, manufactures and distributes disconnecting switches used in both medium and high voltage power system which accommodates the Smart Grid.

Subsidiary Company

  • Precise Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Precise Electro-Mechanical Works Co., Ltd. (“PMW”)
  • Coelme International Co., Ltd. (“CI”)

Business Segmentation

Polymer Product & Electrical Equipment Business Download
Embedded Pole & Instrument Transformer Business Download
Transformer Business Download
Energy Management & System Automation Business  
Project & Solution on demand Business  
Switchgear & Switchboard Business Download
Switching Device Business Download
Metal Works Products Business  
Disconnecting Switch & Connector Accessories Business Download
Channel Member management Business Support