Subsidiary Company

  • Pacific Power Development Corporation Co., Ltd.

Business Segmentation

  • Product & Project Trade Business
    Disconnectors and Switchers (COELME) Download
    Transformer & Bushing Monitoring System >>Totus,Intego (CAMLIN) Download
    Online Handheld First Trip Circuite Breaker Analyser (CAMLIN) Download
    ThermalSpection for Substation Monitoring (Lumasense) Download
    Transec Online Transformer Drying Solution (Streamer) Download
    Insulator (Suzhou) Download
    Conveyor belt (Lead Horse) Download
    Conductor (ZTT) Download
    Voltage Detector (Hasegawa) Download
    Cable Accessories (Chardon) Download
    Protective Guards (Reliaguard) Download
    Amorphous Alloy (Yunlu) Download
  • International Business
  • Component and Raw Material Trade Business
  • AC/DC Micro Grid Business